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  • Facial Rose Mini Therapy

         30 min /£ 36.00   45 min./ £ 54.00

       Rose therapy gently removes dead skin cells on the face & exfoliates while deep moisturizing the skin with natural rose products. The therapy focus to rejuvenate the facial skin thanks to the world famous Bulgarian rose essential oil. Applying 100 % natural products. Your massage will alleviate stress and soothe tired, achy muscles as it is completely customized for your needs.


  • Facial Mud Mini Therapy

With Seaweed Extract 

30 min/£ 42.00   45min. / £ 63.00

         Deep cleaning, mineralizing & detoxifying the face thanks to the unique Black Sea mud & lye. The seaweed extract has  an antioxidant effect & hydrates the skin. The mud provides  minerals, speeds up the reduction of swelling, fosters the regeneration of the tissues.  After removing the mud mask the hydrating face cream is applied. By using a super-rich moisturizing cream your skin will now be feeling silky smooth to the touch.


  • Rose Foot Mini Therapy

 30 min /£ 36.00   45 min./ £ 54.00

        The rose foot bath along with the reflexology session  cleanses the skin of accumulated toxins, gently exfoliating and leaving it softer.  Rose Foot therapy helps those suffering from tired feet, caused by everyday work and stress, and  also is well known to benefit many organs of the body.